Jolene Tettey is a worship leader and music minister who identified her ministry in High School. At the time she was part of a 6-member music ministry called Triumphant Life or T-Life for short.

At the university she continued with her ministry, doing the same in her home church after completing university.

Jolene officially released her first album titled Shalom, in 2015. Her 2nd album, Great & Mighty, which is mainly set in hymn-like vein was released in 2016 and her 3rd, Greater Love, which is a collection of various music styles, in 2017.

Each of the albums is a compilation of seven (7) Holy Spirit – inspired songs that will bless the hearts of both young and old alike, with the message of the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. The songs include an amazing cocktail of music styles including reggae, a touch of South African rhythm, South American calypso, hymns, traditional worship styles, etc.

Each of the songs is exceptionally unique with its own distinct message and form, and bountifully filled with divine truth, grace, healing and peace.

Every song has its own lyrics in English and French. Both songs and lyrics are downloadable on this website absolutely for free! They can be sung by individuals, churches, choirs and various groups around the world.

Jolene has also released two singles; Halleluiah, in 2016 and Adonai, in 2019.

By the grace of God, she is in the ministry of out-dooring new songs as inspired by the Holy Spirit, to bless the nations. She is currently a worship leader in her church and also ministers to the body of Christ at various worship events.